I am not myself. I feel empty, hollow, drained. I am weary. My experiences have stolen little bits of me that I’ll never get back. I feel lifeless. I don’t feel much at all, actually. I’m kind of just…here. I exist.

Life has not been fair to me these last 5 years. I’ve been cheated on, betrayed,…

Now you stay down for a little while. Cling to your husband. Plan your reception celebration. Cling even harder.

I can not fathom the pain either of you are going through, and by the sounds of it, neither can you. You can’t expect yourself to get up right away, you can’t jump back into life as if this loss hasn’t happened. Spend time healing, and being angry, and being sad. Talk to people, ignore them, do what you need to express the emotions you are having. You feel nothing because you are feeling everything. So take the emotions on one at a time. And when you are ready to tackle the world again, do that. But you don’t have to do it now.

Twenty Day Love Challenge

Day One: Are you in a relationship right now? If so, tell us about your other half. If not, share with us why you feel you’re single.

My husband is perhaps the most amazing person I know. He is kind, caring, and puts our marriage above all. He has made me a better person, and he has become one. He helps me through the worst of my PTSD and hasn’t once judged me for it.

He loves technology, architecture, and being knowledgeable- he has an absolutely huge general knowledge

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How to tell if it was a gunshot or fireworks: gunshots don’t echo, fireworks do. 


the fact that anyone might commonly need to know this terrifies me

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Ha…. Ha…. My husband and I were discussing this last night because we heard what we thought was a gun shot. Not a big gun or anything, but considering we are staying in the city… Odd.

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Wonderful birthday! We hit Queens Park which has a small native animal collection- hence the adorable little wombat. We ate the 4am prepared picnic, headed to a book shop and rounded off the day with a coffee break. Now cuddling at home and watching a movie together :-)

maggieandericdomarriage asked:

Oh no! Did I totally miss your birthday?!?! Happy belated birthday, my dear!

Plum Pretties Answer:

Aww, thank you! And you didn’t miss it at all! Still only 6pm for us.